Why Snake?

There are a lot of snake clones and this one is only one more. The reason I did this version is, that my niche did not know the game and when I wanted to show it to her, there were only versions for solo players or 1 vs 1 without AI enemies. Since I am way older than her, she has not a lot of fun playing against me, just to lose over and over again. Without hesitation I began to code this version with simple AI snakes for her and her little brother and delivered it 2 days later.

Winning Condition

The aim in the current mode is to get the longest snake of all in the given time frame. If someone dies, his longest snake counts.


While a running match you can return to the title screen at any time with "R".

First Player: Arrow Keys

Second Player: WASD

Third Player: IJKL

Fourth Player: Numpad 8456

Coming Next

Saving the options, so you do not have to change everything after every match will coming soon. Downloadable windows executable will be delivered.

Future Possibilites

If someone is interested in more levels, more game modes or a tougher AI, just tell me and if there is some demand, I will take my time to code it. Even a custom key binding and controller support would be possible, if demanded.

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